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D Kemicals safe solutions

Our team has collective experience of over 60 years in various industries and can analyze the situation and provide solutions to our customers.

The solutions should benefit our customers

D Kemicals descalers are biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Safe enough to hold in your open hand, our products can be flushed down a regular sewer system. We keep your staff safe. We also offer customized pumping solutions to maximize your cleaning capabilities.

• Saving Environment - An EHS requirement
• Prolong life of their Assets
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Reduce Spares / Cost of Spares
• Reduce Energy

D Kemicals provides services is Middle East and Indian Sub-Continent. We can put you in touch with a representative in your area or you could contact us directly

D Kemicals


Our suppliers have more than 70 years history and has engineered biodegradable descalers as well as supporting products to make cleaning commercial equipment easier and more manageable.

Harnessing the power of science, technology and a wealth of experience, we work with maintenance management and engineering managers to enable solutions for maintenance plans, preventative maintenance, emergency cleanup, shutdown and turnarounds.

D Kemicals believes in providing customers solutions that work for their challenging problems in the most efficient and productive way possible. D Kemicals prides themselves on the principles of sustainability and works to create self-sufficiency with their products and services.

Regional Representatives

D Kemicals has representatives throughout the UAE. Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, KSA and African Continent. We can put you in touch with a representative in your area or we can handle all your questions from our office in Dubai. If you are interested in using our products, give our office a call and we will assist you.